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In Greek mythology, the titan Prometheus took fire from the Gods and gave it to man, sowing the seeds for the technological advancement of the human race. Much like the titan, Prometheus Research's objective is to empower individuals' financial decisions through the democratization of investment research. For decades, there has been a large gap between the investment research available to institutional investors versus retail investors- a gap that we think should no longer exist. This gap is particularly evident in the macroeconomic space, with retail investors lagging far behind their institutional counterparts in terms of research.

What We Do

At Prometheus, we are trying to level the playing field in macro. Moreover, we are trying to push the field of macroeconomic investment research forward. We believe that a systematic approach to economics and markets, coupled with a discretionary research overlay, is the best way to generate sustainable success. Therefore, our analysis combines the best of both worlds, leveraging the best qualities of both “the machine” and the “man behind the machine.” Our systematic process is designed to be logical, intuitive, and iterative. Our data-driven, iterative process allows us to improve and evolve our analytical tools continuously. As a result, our research is continually expanding and improving. While we primarily cover the US, we intend to expand our analytics to other countries over time.

Our Value In The Investment Process

We think that asset allocation drives the majority of portfolio returns over the long term. The most important determinant of the returns in an asset class is the macroeconomic environment. Hence, analyzing and nowcasting the state of the economy is of paramount importance. As a portfolio allocator, you need to deal with high-level macro concepts- like economic growth, inflation, and liquidity. These macro concepts are enormous in terms of the volume of information they encompass, making it exceedingly hard for investors to dissect what drives them. Yet, investors are expected to make financial decisions based on these concepts daily.

Our value proposition at Prometheus is to systematically analyze high-level macroeconomic concepts such as growth, inflation, and liquidty from the bottom-up to provide high-quality insights that can power asset allocation. We essentially do the legwork of dissecting macroeconomic drivers so that our readers don't have to, allowing them to focus on the implications of macro moves on their asset allocation.

We think our work is particularly valuable to the retail community. There has been a proliferation of trading tools for retail investors in recent years; however, we are yet to see the expansion of the research and analytics platforms to complement these trading services. At Prometheus, we are trying to be one of the first few pushing for finance's democratization.

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