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Episode 3: Mr. Blonde

We’re back with Episode 3 of the Prometheus Podcast! This recording is one of many podcasts to come, which will cover far-ranging topics in macro, markets, and investing. As always, our objective is to bring you thoughtful and actionable insights, and our conversations will always aim to be so.

Today, we have a formidable guest- Mr. Blonde. Mr. Blonde is an independent macro strategist who chooses to remain anonymous. With significant experience on both the buy-side & sell-side- his equity-centric research is timely, precise, and pragmatic. This year, he’s done an excellent job expecting the bear market in stocks & the ensuing bear market rally. In a wide-ranging discussion, our Founder, Aahan Menon, helps Mr. Blonde take you through a masterclass in macro-equity investing. This is a must-listen for anyone investing or trading equities in an active fashion. Enjoy!

Find the show notes below:

  • (00:00 - 37:30) Equity Mechanics: The Profits Cycle, A Data-Driven Approach, Leading Indicators, Market Internals, Dynamic Valuations.

  • (37:30-58:00) Current Landscape: Pulled-Forward Spending, Inflation Dynamics, Profits & Equities During Inflation, Sector Divergences During Inflation.

  • (58:00 - 1:09:00) Positioning: Staying Defensive, Long-Short Sector Opportunities, High-Quality Compounders.

Make sure to check out his Substack: Click here.

For more “high-frequency” insights like these, follow both @prometheusmacro & @MrBlonde_macro on Twitter.

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